Better Highchairs for Baby

Shopping for highchairs was the final straw in our shower-registry fiasco. It was the moment we all snapped — an inevitability of three+ hours in a baby superstore, my ankles swelling as the windows darkened. An inevitability of three people presented with seemingly endless options, without the slightest clue what we were doing.

My husband wanted a solid wooden highchair. My mother insisted on the traditional plastic chairs with attached toys. I just wanted them to stop bickering and pick a damn chair. They were all ugly and huge and horrible.

What felt like days later, we walked out of the store with a full registry — minus the highchair. Because while I researched Consumer Reports and read online reviews, I didn't have anyone to tell me how it was. I didn't have anyone to tell me about the newest modern baby gear or narrow down my choices.

I didn't have anyone to tell me this:

I was asked to test and review highchairs for, and while I found many, many incredible highchairs, these are my top 3 recommendations — just for you early mamas.

Best on a budget.



IKEA Antilop, $20 - $25

If I had to go back and buy myself a highchair, I absolutely would have bought an IKEA Antilop. (I would have bought a lot from IKEA, actually, including the crib.) Not only is it a modern, simple and easy-to-clean highchair, but it's $20. $20! You'd be hard pressed to find another highchair under $100 — and I much prefer this one to any traditional chair out there. It's especially convenient for multiples or kids close in age because the chairs are stackable. And did I mention $20? (You can buy a highchair tray for another $5.)


Best for your registry.

OXO Tot Sprout Chair, $250

After testing $500 highchairs, this is the one we all fell in love with. Wood on the bottom, easy-to-clean plastic up top — my husband and mother were finally in agreement, 3 years too late. And it's available at big superstores and boutique-like favorites, making it easy to put on any registry. (See why we love it so much here.)


Best to find at a discount.

Stokke Tripp Trapp, $265+

This is what Noah is currently using, and what we'll be keeping forever. It grows from infant (with a baby harness and a soon-to-be-released newborn seat) to toddler to adult, making it worth the pricey purchase. You could always find people to pitch in on your gift registry, or you could look for used Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs on flash sale sites, discount blogs, Craigs List, eBay, etc. It's definitely worth having on your radar.

Keep in mind that everything is sold separately, yet are completely optional: cushions ($45), a highchair tray ($90), and a baby set ($70).