Early Mama Inspiration: Diane von Furstenberg

  Diane von Furstenberg — one of the most influential and iconic fashion designers of our time — had her first child at 23 years old, six months after getting married. A year later she started designing women's clothes.

Granted she married a German prince (giving her money and opportunities), and that marriage didn't last. But regardless, Diana von Furstenberg — a young mother — went on to change the fashion world. Diane von Furstenberg — a young mother — used her ambition and vision to take charge of her own life.

And what does she consider her greatest accomplishment? Her children.

DVF on her two children: “I had them very young. They are my pride. They are my reason to be. They are everything for me. As long as they’re well, I am well. They gave me three grandchildren so far, and they made me a very proud, glamorous grandmother.” video via LilSugar.