Happy Weekend!

I asked Early Mama Facebook readers what they liked/didn't like about this new site, and I had a few requests for recipes and cooking advice. While I have absolutely no qualifications as a food blogger, I do cook almost every night (give or take a leftovers night or pizza night) and I've found some pretty incredible recipes to share:

(Note: I'm obsessed with Babble.com's Family Kitchen blog, and not only because I write for two of their other blogs. But I'd love to hear about your favorite food bloggers.)

  • Here's our favorite taco night meat recipe. I leave out the anise pod and it's still incredible. Highly recommend!
  • I use that same turkey meat recipe in this enchilada pie recipe (although you could also follow their directions). If you do use the turkey meat recipe, know that all of the same spices and the tomato sauce are in the turkey recipe. I also sub sauteed veggies instead of turkey when I want a meatless meal. (Oh, and the mexican cheese topper isn't totally necessary.)
  • Here's a fancy schmancy dinner-guest-worthy recipe that's SO easy and SO delicious.
  • If you have leftover ricotta from the lasagna, roll it over to these lemon ricotta pancakes the next morning.
  • Pressed for time in the morning? Ricotta is also a secret ingredient to the perfect turkey burger.
  • This is now on our Thanksgiving menu. Make this! It's amazing!
  • And here's an easy and healthy snack for kids.
I also write for Babble.com's Family Style and Being Pregnant. Here's what went on last week:
  • Outrageous gifts for The 1%-ers. (Yes, people are actually buying these.)
  • In case you missed this.
  • Gorgeous! Love it!
  • Would you ever want to smell like this?
  • For the person who has everything. And likes to be comfy.
  • These are nothing like pregnancy. Do you agree?
  • 10 reasons I'm spacing out my kids.
  • RIP Luke. We miss you every day. :(
Whew! That's a lot of linkage. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I'll meet you back here on Monday for: 1) something you'll want, 2) something you can win, and 3) something to talk about.