Happy (Winter?) Weekend!

Well it's clearly not the weekend anymore. We were dumped a monstrous, two-month-early, Internet-stealing pile of Winter on Saturday, smack dab in the middle end of our lovely Fall. So, although this post is a few days too late, I hope you had a warm weekend full of electricity.

Here's a typical image of our weekend:

In case you have some free time on your hands, here's what I was Babbling this (last) week:

  • Chic, responsible...taxidermy?
  • Will you be buying any of these? I REALLY love the black dress (4th picture down).
  • I'm definitely buying a pair this year.
  • You STILL have time to throw a last-minute Halloween party. I swear!
  • Is it too early to think about this?
  • These are stunning. (And handmade!)
  • The BEST gift for little kids this year. Check it out!
  • In case you missed this fellow early mama's Anthropologie collection, see it here.
  • It's not too early for a kids' watch. (Well maybe for an infant...)

Photos: 1. Kyle Johnson Photography via Design is Mine; 2. Instagram (earlymama)