Stay-at-home Moms vs. Working Moms

One thing that I love about this community is the incredible diversity in our situations -- some of us are out working, some of us are at home, some of us are working at home, and others are finishing up school. We're balancing our far-reaching obligations, contemplating massive life changes, wondering where to go next.

And another thing I love is how, despite choosing motherhood in the earlier stages of our lives, we prove that there are truly universal moments of motherhood -- whether we're 5, 10, 20 years apart in age. It doesn't matter if we're 21 or 41, a mother is a mother is a mother. Which is why you'll love this as much as I did:

This new book Welcome to My World from Sarah Bryden-Brown is a compilation of 13 incredible bloggers debating who, in fact, has the easiest/hardest work situation. And after quickly devouring the entire book in one sitting, the consensus is clear: no one. There are pros and cons, highs and lows, in every motherhood situation. The key is finding the one that works best for you, which you can catch glimpses of in these women's stories.

Maybe you identify with Amber, who struggles with her desire to work vs. her desire to be a mom:

It is my hope that one day my children, particularly my two year old daughter, will view my decision to work, to pursue a dream conceived long before they were, as an inspiration, as proof that you really can have it all. I hope that they will view parenthood as an experience which is life-enriching, not life-limiting. I am a scientist and I am a good mother, two things that are not mutually exclusive, which I must daily remind a male-dominated industry, other mothers, and above all myself.

Maybe you look at successful women as examples to strive towards -- like Ali Wing, CEO of giggle -- and then read her admit:

At times, I wish I had gotten to enjoy that special feeling of being my son's whole world for just a little longer. And there are days where I'm more than a little jealous, as I'm racing off to a meeting I'd rather not go to, that Will and Tyler are getting ready to head off on some father-son adventure. But I know that this decision is right for everyone, including Tyler.

Or maybe you imagine working from home to be the Holy Grail of work-life situations, but then you read Amy Reiter's thoughts:

It's those moments I truly start to think that women who go into an office or put their careers on hold post-children have made the right call. Because the fantasy of working from home often doesn't jibe with the reality.

I read about a stay-at-home mom's solution to the monotony of being home with the kids around the clock. I read about untraditional situations that can make all the difference. I read about the incredible pressure that all mothers put on themselves.

But one universal theme threads through: Despite the challenges, each story has moments of incredible inspiration and encouraging advice. And instead of debating and attacking, we should all realize that everyone is struggling and thriving in different ways -- and we're all doing our very best.

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