For All the Young Dreamers


I made a promise to myself one day, back when there was a plum-sized baby growing in my body. Back when I'd regularly crawl into a ball and contemplate the fairness of the universe.

I'll never give up on my ambitions.

I'll still succeed, no matter the obstacles. No matter the whens and the hows.

Of course my dreams, my goals, have been redefined and refocused, but I still live by that promise every day. And as silly as it sounds, that promise has made all the difference.

Even if you feel stuck, trapped, know that now isn't forever. Babies grow up. Life changes. Opportunities pop up that you never knew existed. So make goals and work toward them in any possible way -- even in baby steps. Even if those steps feel like crawls some days. Even though you can't see the bigger picture.

Because at the end of the day, it's up to you to make your life happen. And you can make it happen, no matter what they say.

Be patient. Be persistent. And realize that sometimes it takes having a baby to realize which goals are worth chasing.