Happy Weekend!

Just checking in real quick! Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend. We've been spending time with my sister who came home from China (with plenty of goodies for Noah, of course, including these chopsticks), and have generally been reorganizing/readjusting our work-home situation. I say "situation" rather than "balance," because does anyone ever feel balanced? Ever? There's been a lot of talk about how other bloggers manage their work vs. life schedules, which you can see over at:

  • Design Mom, who frequently has inspiring tweets under the hashtag #WorkLifeBalance;
  • A Cup of Jo, who had an entire series featuring how other popular bloggers manage it all;
  • Momversation, where they take on the question "Are you a stressed working mom?
Justin and I are still trying to get a grasp on changing work loads, less nursery school hours and the possibility of adding another baby to the mix. We've been talking ourselves in circles all morning, even pulling out schedules and divvying up responsibilities. I'm very much looking forward to spending the rest of the afternoon not thinking. So while I'm not thinking, here are some of my Babble posts from last week. Enjoy!