Happy Labor Day!

If you're a regular follower of Early Mama, you may have noticed that I skipped the weekend round-up on Saturday -- but I have a very good reason:

I was sleeping. And sleeping. And then sleeping some more.

After an unproductive Friday of staring blankly at my laptop and dizzy spells when I'd stand up, I figured it was time to take a complete weekend off. No emails. No blogging. No glaring computer screen. I got plenty of fresh air, flushed my body with water and slept full night sleeps -- even napping for a few hours each day. It's the closest I can get to a vacation right now, but I feel completely rejuvenated. Ready to tackle another week -- after today, of course. I might work for myself, but I still allow my favorite employee a holiday off. Especially when sales are calling my name.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Take some time for yourself, mamas. You deserve it.




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