We Need to Build a WHAT? (Video)

Last night Noah begged us to make a sand castle with his play clay.

So we did.

Grandma tried first, but Noah quickly moved to the next engineer. Her castle was in no way up to par. Amateur, he seemed to scoff, smooshing the clay between his fingers.

I tried next. "I'll build the roof, you build the rest," he directed. Yet it only took a matter of seconds for him to roll his eyes.

Then Daddy stepped up to the plate.

While I'm one of those who believes that One Mom + One Dad isn't the only equation for a well-adjusted, happy child, I'm incredibly grateful for those daddy and son moments. Those moments when Noah looks up at his role model, studies his face, mimics his movements. The moments when he wants to be so much like the man I love.

I took a video of their castle building with no intentions of publishing it here. It's just an ordinary moment between a young dad and a young son, but remember when I tweeted this a few weeks back?

Here it is in action, around the 2:28 mark, along with a glimpse inside of our everyday life: