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Do you use a diaper bag? Wish you had a diaper bag? I had the hardest time finding a diaper bag that I could actually deem wearable -- but mostly because I didn't do my research. I meandered down the aisles of super stores like Target and Babies 'R Us, floored by the hideous options. And, of course, Maclaren hadn't started making diaper bags yet.

If you've ever researched strollers or walked down a city street, you're probably familiar with the name Maclaren. Best known for their coveted strollers, Maclaren recently branched out to furniture (designed by the famed David Netto), toys and even bath products. Now? Now Maclaren is venturing into the world of diaper bags, bringing their design aesthetic and eye for practicality to the world of bottle holders and diaper carriers.

And you can win one from Maclaren! 

Our winner has the choice between the $30 - $40 Park Bag (top row), which comes in durable natural canvas or denim, or the $50 Field Bag (bottom row), which is a sleeker, more sophisticated design. Both styles are super roomy with plenty of organizational pockets, a detachable changing pad and (easy access) magnetic closures.

(It should be noted that I haven't seen these bags in person, but I've tested plenty of Maclaren products -- and I've never been disappointed in the quality. Even their stuffed animals have a luxurious, display-them-on-a-shelf, get-your-sticky-hands-away type of quality.)

WANT TO WIN? Just head over to the Early Mama Facebook page and tell me which style is your favorite! FOR AN EXTRA ENTRY, leave a comment on the Family Style post as well.

I'll announce the winner next Friday, Sept. 2, on Facebook. Good luck!

See more details and shop Maclaren diaper bags.