Happy Weekend!

This morning I lifted a bleary eyed toddler from his bed at 4:30 a.m., packed him in the car and drove up to the Albany airport with my husband. After a long car ride, Justin's now en route to Vegas, where he'll spend the next week working and working (and a little playing, I'm assuming). So we're all in I-Miss-Daddy mode, although starting the day after 3 hours in a car didn't make us the most chipper to begin with. I did a lot of thinking about marriage and relationships during the car ride (in between playing I-Spy games and singing The Wheels on the Bus, of course), and it's something I'd love to explore here next week. Here are some other things that crossed my path:

  • Is it totally morbid that this excites me?
  • 10 money-saving tips for families
  • An easy DIY project that looks just like it's designer copy-cat. Love it.
  • A scientific look at happiness.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I'll be filling up my days with as much family and friends as possible to try and fill the void. Meet you back here on Monday!

Here are some of my Babble posts from the week!

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