Psst...Look at the Sidebar

There's been some heavy discussion here on the blog lately (and thank you all for contributing your thoughts and opinions!), so let's lighten it up with a discount.

If you take a look at the sidebar over to the right, you'll notice a few buttons. These aren't sponsors. (No I don't make money off of this site.) Three out of the four are links to my other gigs, and the fourth is a link to Giggle Deals. Giggle is one of my favorite baby product sources (which I've talked about here) because they edit their merchandise to only the best of the best. You won't find 46 different baby monitors -- just the 7 best options. And having tested so many products myself, I can agree that they really are the best.

Giggle now has a flash-sale site called Giggle Deals so you can get their (often pricey) products at a major discount. And to start you off, they're offering $10 off your first purchase. Just click the link over on the right and sign up for the free service.