Happy (End of the) Weekend

So my weekend post is a bit late, as the weekend is winding to a close. My sister came over on Friday morning to spend the day/night with Noah, while Justin and I did something very uncharacteristic: visited friends for the night down in Brooklyn. We were able to spend over an hour in complete silence on the Metro North (heaven, I tell you), then meander through Manhattan (videotaping taxis and construction and Times Square for Noah) until we finally landed in Park Slope, Brooklyn to relax. (Park Slope has a completely different energy than the hustle-and-bustle of Manhattan.) We actually went to visit friends in the apartment that we used to live in before Noah came along. The apartment that Noah was conceived in, actually. I hadn't been back since then, so it was an interesting experience.

As much as I talk about loving my young mom life over the typical 20-something lifestyle, it was fun to slip back into that world for a few hours. To hang out on a second-hand couch and just talk, relax, do nothing. Nothing. To revisit our pre-baby lives as if nothing had changed -- setting, characters and all. We ordered from the thai restaurant we used to order from, swung by the liquor store we used to swing by, and walked the streets that our former selves used to walk. We reminisced about subway lines, favorite restaurants and remember when anecdotes. We even went to an indie hip-hop show (that my husband and friends were involved with), which was fun in this other-life sort of way. I'm pretty sure no one would've pegged me as a mom (including the bouncer who gave me a hard time), which is kind of cool. And then we all packed into tight quarters and simply hung out.

Even though I specifically told Justin to not wake me up unless it's absolutely apartment's-on-fire, you-missed-lunch necessary, Justin tapped on my shoulder -- fully dressed, belt and all -- at 7 a.m. and whispered "Whenever you're ready."

He missed Noah.

So did I.

And now that I'm back in my quiet little area in my quiet little apartment, with Justin and Noah sleeping soundly in their beds, I appreciate my unexpected life. There's no need to think what if when the what happened feels this right. Because even though I very much fit in that Brooklyn scene (off duty! with great, young people! having real conversations!), there's nothing like that intense, tearful hug when we walk through the door. There's nothing like that little boy.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Meet you back here on Monday! xo


Photo: ETSY