A Fix for the Beauty Addict

In my former pre-baby life, I was trying, testing and writing about beauty products. (Did I ever tell you that?) But now that I have to actually pay for mascara and bronzer, those luxury brands (which I grew to love) aren't exactly in my budget range. In fact, I recently decided to treat myself at Sephora (rare to say the least), leaving with a mascara and eye brightener in an itty bitty bag. The receipt? $42. Obviously I went back the next day and returned them both. Because that's just ridiculous.

Yet I just found four online services that send out luxury beauty products for $10 to $15 -- and I'm pretty stoked. Some of the options only send sample-size products, but that's pretty perfect for us moms. How many times do you really get dolled up in a month? And it gives us a chance to try out facial cleansers and eye shadows without wasting our cash.

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