Happy Weekend!


Did everyone have a lovely week? Justin and I decided to stay up until 2:30 a.m. watching movies, and now I'm having one of those What was I thinking? moments. Noah just told me I can take a "nice, long nap," which I might take him up on. That actually sounds like the best idea he's ever had.

Here are some things for the weekend:

  • Tara from The Young Mommy Life is raising money to help two young moms afford their college expenses -- and any contribution helps! If you're able, donate to the cause.
  • Even after 22 years of marriage, people. 22 years. And I know I'll feel the same about my can't-get-enough-of husband.
  • I loved putting together this year's Top 50 Etsy Moms feature -- including one of our Early Mamas, Christina Childress.
  • We're talking about circumcision at I Heart My Pediatrician. Chime in there.
  • Stay tuned for a HUGE Back-to-School giveaway on Monday (think: the best backpacks, lunch boxes and school supplies for all ages)! I'll be hosting it on Twitter, so come follow me.
I also write daily blogs for Babble.com's Family Style + Being Pregnant. Here's a sample of what went on:
  • The 20 coolest Etsy shops made by moms.
  • Did you enter to win this incredible stroller yet? Enter again!
  • Love these family photo ideas.
  • I'm also giving away this electric breast pump (yeah! breastfeeding!) on Being Pregnant.
  • If you're a little stressed about pregnancy, just look at this. Everything will be better.

Photo: Etsy/The Spotted Fox