Better Music for Cooler Kids: Albums for Kids

First she showed us better peaceful tunes to play for babies, then she moved on to upbeat dance albums. Now Christina Childress, a young mom of triplet infants and an unapologetic good-music-encourager, shares her favorite made-for-kids albums that won't turn their brains into Barney mush.

Kimya Dawson, Alphabutt 

Totally inappropriate and AWESOME. We don't play this one when grandma comes over. You either know Kimya Dawson from the Juno soundtrack and/or The Moldy Peaches.

The Aquabats, High-Five Soup

I remember listening to The Aquabats in high school during my punk and ska phase. Super fun nonsense lyrics that will get you and the kids jumping around in your Vans slip-ons.

They Might Be Giants, Here Comes Science

This one's for the indoor kids (I bought it for my nephew whose parents are an engineer and high school science teacher). The lyrics are funny and, *bonus* educational! (ED Note: TMBG started as a Grammy-winning alternative rock band almost 30 years ago and moved into the children's genre after having kids -- still sticking to their indie roots. You might remember their song "Boss of Me," which was the theme song for Malcolm in the Middle.)

Do Fun Stuff, Compilation

There isn't a video for this one, but you have to check out this fantastic kids charity album put together by a dad on a mission to raise awareness and funds to research his stepson's Smith-Magenis Syndrome. I bought it before I even found out I was pregnant.