Better Music for Cooler Kids: Dance Party



Yesterday our guest blogger Christina Childress explained why she's adamant on exposing her triplet babies to quality music (in the hopes of side-stepping the typical Kidz Bop phase) and offered suggestions for peaceful tunes beyond Rock-a-Bye Baby.

Today Christina continues with her picks for (better) dance music that'll get the kids moving right along with you:

Jonsi, Go

Jonsi, the frontman for Sigur Ros, released this solo album in 2010. This title track will make you want to run around a big open field throwing handfuls of flower petals. Perfect tunes for a pretty day, or a rainy one that needs some sunshine. (See the official video here.)

Sufjan Stevens, Songs for Christmas 

If you've never heard of this indie Michigan musician, you may recognize a few of his songs from movies like Little Miss Sunshine and the 2010 documentary Babies. This particular album of Christmas songs is made up of originals (like in the video above) as well as some classics that are great for singing along. Not all of his albums are appropriate for the kiddos (a lot of his lyrics deal with pretty serious subject matter), but there are plenty of songs that are fun to listen to with the little ones and you won't regret taking a look through the rest of his discography. Personal favorites include Illinoise, The Avalanche, and Seven Swans.

Architecture in Helsinki, In Case We Die

Watching this video makes me so so happy and brings back some great memories. I first saw AIH play in a teeny tiny club in Denton, TX and the number of band members rivaled the number of people in the crowd. They've since scaled down their production, but for their first couple of albums the band was made up of about 8 people, all of whom played various instruments, including the glockenspiel, melodica, tuba, bass clarinet, and I'm pretty sure even a bassoon, among others. Their music is poppy and silly and guaranteed to get stuck in your head. In a good way.

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