Moms with Ink

When Babble asked for my thoughts on being a tattooed mom, I honestly felt conflicted. On the one hand, as a young, just-starting-out woman, it was important for me to retain my sense of style and individuality -- having lost much of my identity (from my body to my last name) in one year. I like the idea of (creatively) personalizing my body. But do I like the idea of Noah having a tattoo? Am I setting the right example?

I had a small moment of clarity for how my mother felt when she saw I inked the skin she washed and kissed and held as a baby. The skin she made and grew inside of her body. But did I ask her permission? Nope. Did I consider her feelings? Not at all. Why? Because it's my body. As much as I appreciate everything she's done for me, this is the shell I live in. Shouldn't I be able to personalize it any way I'd like? After all, I'm an adult. ( weird.)

And then I realized that once Noah is an "adult," he should be free to personalize his body in whatever (safe) way he wants. Of course I'd rather him be creative and cool about it -- and I'd (incessantly) encourage him to think about it for a significant amount of time. And of course I'd prefer for him to wait for something meaningful and sentimental (like, I don't know, the birth of a child). But at the end of the day (and I might one day be eating these published words), it's his body. I'll just guide him into making the smartest decision for himself. (But if adult Noah is reading this: please be respectful of your perfect body that I so lovingly cared for. Thanks.)

(Who knows, maybe tattoos will be a thing of the past. Something that their parents did back in the day. Something ridiculous.)

I want my next tattoo to be a meaningful quote or words down the inside of my left forearm, and I'm leaning towards i carry your heart to symbolize the momentous time when I carried my child's (and future children's) heart in my own body. To symbolize that never-ending connection between the two of us.

Here are some other cool word tattoos that I think apply to mothers:

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For those of you with tattoos, did you ever regret your decision? Did you decide to tattoo yourself after you became a mom? Because you became a mom?