Happy Weekend!

life quote I'm a little groggy this morning, but I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very Happy Weekend before I pitter patter to the kitchen and cook for my gentlemen (who are currently in "the big bed" watching Sesame Street together. It's one of those mornings). Here are a few things I'd love to share:

  • Have you joined me over at the I Heart My Pediatrician Facebook page? It's fun. Come on over.
  • The Babble blog server has been down, but I'll be picking a winner for the Quinny stroller ASAP and announcing over on Facebook. Stay tuned!
  • Noah had his first dentist appointment this week and apparently he has a "significant" overbite, presumably because of his longer-than-hoped-for pacifier use. And now I'm kicking myself. But this is one of the funniest ditching-the-pacifier stories I've read. Amber always cracks me up.
  • Do you have a particular memory/moment/story about being a young mom? Chaunie is collecting them all for an article she's working on, so go help her out!
  • For anyone interested in the start of Early Mama or my writing background, check out my  Q+A  feature on Chaunie's blog.
Off to breakfast/playtime duties! Meet you back here on Monday. xo
(P.S.: I'll post my Family Style + Being Pregnant posts once the server is back up. One might involve Harry Potter. Just saying.)