Reason #3: No Ticking Biological Clock

Our next reason for why we love being early moms: There's no biological clock ticking in the back of our minds.

In this respect, we're actually quite lucky. Think about it: If you didn't have your own little bundle(s), wouldn't you be a teeny bit stressed about the what ifs? Maybe not in an obvious way, but somewhere in the back of your mind you might be thinking, What if I never find the right guy? What if I wait too long to have a baby? What if I can't have babies...?

But Early Mamas never have to worry about that. We'll never have to be panicking 35-year-olds, desperately searching for someone to start a family with. We'll never have to face a looming deadline in our minds. We'll never have to freeze our eggs and hope for the best.

And that? That's something to be grateful for every day.

If you have a reason you love being an Early Mama, send me an email or tweet your reason with the hashtag #earlymama. I'm creating a monster list to prove that being a 20-something mom is actually quite awesome, despite the judgment and assumptions.