Reason #2: More Energy

Continuing with our new "Why I Love Being an Early Mama" series, here's another reason: MORE ENERGY.

This one might be up for debate (I know a few 40-somethings with more energy than I have!), but I received so many emails and comments about this, I figured it's quite a perk to most of us. I know it's something I'm grateful for, considering I can still be the silly mom galloping around the house and dancing like a fool.

One of our readers, Kristen, said: "My parents were a little older and, to be honest, not much fun when it came to play time. I can build forts and run in the park with my kids and they love it."

Of course it's not only the young moms who have a youthful exuberance, but there's certainly a better chance when you're younger. And maybe it's because I went straight from college to pregnancy, but I'm still able to function on shockingly little sleep. (Which is a plus when it comes to parenting!)

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