Happy Weekend!


We had a fantastic time in Colorado for my best friend's wedding (as evidenced above), and Noah loved being on an airplane -- after months (years?) of me stressing. Unfortunately this weekend is more about work catch-up than play, but it's certainly nice to reconnect with my husband after such a long time apart. I have a lot of interesting posts planned for next week (even a giveaway or two!), but in the meantime, is everyone following along on Facebook and Twitter?

Here's what's going on with fellow Early Mamas:

  • If you haven't checked out The Daily Doty, definitely head on over. This post will give you a quick background on the blog, including one of the funniest blog headers ever.
  • Send positive thoughts to Chaunie and her baby girl who needs surgery.
  • Two of my favorite style blogging mamas in one place: Brandy of Baby Blackbird + Rachelle of Kenziepoo
  • Is there anything better in the world than this?
  • You get mistaken for the nanny now, but soon enough you'll be called the sister.

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I also write daily for Babble.com's Family Style and Being Pregnant. Here's what went on this week: