Safe Baby Sunscreens?

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We live in an age of information. Too much information, one might argue, because it can literally drive you crazy. (The Sleep Training vs. Not Sleep Training dilemma nearly drove me to a breaking point.) So it can be tempting to shut off the outside noise, just go with whatever is easiest and most available, but information can be valuable in certain instances -- like when it comes to baby sunscreen.

Study and study have proven that the majority of sunscreens contain potentially damaging chemicals, especially for a baby's delicate body. In fact, almost all of the drugstore baby sunscreens are deemed "hazardous" by the Environmental Working Group.

And that, of course, can send any parent into a panic.

But there's no need, since I did the research for you. Here are the Top 10 Safest Baby Sunscreens, including familiar names like California Baby and Johnson & Johnson.