Traveling Today

We're flying home from Colorado today, but I'll meet you back here tomorrow! Wish us luck that the flight home goes as well as the flight here!

I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. Here are some notes on family travel and travel gear:

  • These Califone headphones were a lifesaver!
  • Square, non-rolling crayons = a must for the airplane
  • We ended up just using a lap belt for Noah, but I would feel a little more comfortable with the CARES restraint.
  • Do you know the Nook Color has a bunch of new, fun apps for kids? Noah spent a lot of time watching read-to-me books and coloring on a virtual coloring book.
  • We actually weren't able to use this travel high chair because our host's table has a lip on it. Good to know!
  • We didn't need a crib, but this would have been the perfect travel crib for a baby.
  • I loved how Frontier Airlines has individual TVs behind each seat, which did wonders for keeping Noah happy and occupied. From our experience, they're very kid friendly.