It's Official: I've Got the Baby Itch


I told you before how we were debating about when/if to have a second baby -- whether it's responsible to have a second when we were barely ready for a first -- and I've reached the point where I need another baby.

And it's consuming.

I talk about it pretty much every day, pop it into unrelated conversations, pester my husband with So, about the next baby questions. I talk to Noah about him being a "BIIIIIG BRUDER," as he says. And I know we had reasons, good reasons, sensible reasons for waiting -- they just don't seem good or sensible anymore. Justin wants to move to "the right" school district and "the right" neighborhood. Eh, we have three years for that, and Noah's nursery school is around the corner. We want more space. I mean, a baby doesn't need an entire extra room. And I'd like them to share in the beginning anyway. We want to be more financially stable. But will we ever have enough money? Is a bigger house more important than our child?

I've reached the point where I don't care where we live, what we buy, how it logistically happens -- I want to bring our next family member into the world as. soon. as. possible. Yes, mostly for Noah to have a sibling semi-close in age. Sure, it's partly because I'd like to be done procreating sooner rather than later. But, above everything else, I just want to meet our next family member waiting in the wings. I think because we were so blind-sighted by our first pregnancy, we wanted everything to be just so before the second one. But will that ever be the case?

I'm not saying we're going to start trying anytime soon, but it's going to happen. And I can't wait for that day.

How did you know you were reading for baby #2? Do you ever wish you waited a little longer?