Better Stuffed Animal Storage Solutions

Holy freaking stuffed animals.

Before he was even born, Noah had probably a good 20-piece stuffed animal collection, which then exploded in a zoo of lions and Pooh bears and pandas and Beanie Babies. (Yes, he was given a lot of Beanie Babies -- despite the fact I somewhere have a ridiculous collection from back when they were trendy. Guess what, mom? They're not quite the investment we thought -- despite the plastic tag cases.) And the kicker is that he only recently started to love his stuffed animals (which now travel with him everywhere), so this prompted people to buy EVEN. MORE. STUFFED. ANIMALS.

Oh just get one of those "Up, Up and Away" nets for the ceiling.

No thanks.

After a lot of searching, I love, love, love the 3 Sprouts canvas bins (above) -- I have the blue elephant. It fits an ungodly number of stuffed animals and looks so cute and tidy. Here are more clever, cheaper ideas:

Jacinda over at Prudent Baby uses a Crate & Barrel wire hamper ($20) so her kids can pull out whichever stuffed animals they want without dumping the whole thing.

This baby room was featured over at Little Lovely, and they just used a galvanized tub ($30 on Amazon).

See 3 more cute stuffed animal storage solutions over at Babble.