I'm Obsessed With This High Chair



When it comes to baby products, I've pretty much seen it all. And this? This is one of my very favorite finds that I use every single day. It's one of those products that makes me want to shake strangers, screaming You need to have this!

The brand new Phil & Teds Lobster clip-on high chair (which is an update to their Metoo seat):

  • A) is perfect in compact spaces,
  • B) allows baby (and, more importantly, toddler) in on the dinnertime action, sitting with the gang, and
  • C) requires no cleaning down a bulky plastic contraption.

In fact, the Lobster is incredibly easy to throw in the wash whenever it gets a little funky. (And trust me, my son's yogurt-eating habits are a testament to its durability.) Oh -- and it looks way sleeker than the average clip-on high chair. The kicker: When you're going on a trip or just heading to Grandma's, the Lobster folds down into a super compact bag. The ultimate travel highchair.

Love it.

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