A Book Party Idea

Confession: I could spend hours — days, really — searching through party ideas. In fact, in another life I might have been a party planner. I especially have a soft spot for baby showers, considering I was in complete denial about mine. I was excited, don't get me wrong, and I definitely had a say in the planning (a book-theme party, please), but I just wanted to go the easiest, most basic route. My mom, mother-in-law and sister did an incredible job, really, but I can't help but think that I could have used so many ideas out there in the blogosphere. If only I had cared a little more at the time.

That might be why this Book Party from Amelie's Houseis one of my favorite parties I've ever come across. She hosted the party for her daughter's birthday, but you could easily translate it for a baby shower:

Having everyone pitch in with their own books -- or even hitting a Book Fair, where you can get dozens of books for a few bucks -- is an affordable decor idea. Isn't this buffet table gorgeous?

Whether you're throwing a baby shower or a birthday party, you can use book pages for some finishing touches. (If you're comfortable ripping out book pages, of course. Anyone cringing right now?)

Even the invitations are incredible.

And the hand-made bunting banner, made with pictures of book characters, is such a clever idea.

Considering scrap booking or baby advice books are such popular baby shower crafts, it's a perfect fit for book-theme baby showers. And if it's a kid's party, you can have them decorate their own journals and book marks.

Don't you just love it? Almost makes me want to call a do-over.

Here are some more baby shower and birthday party ideas:

Photos: Natasha Collins via Amelie's House