Hi, there.


Welcome! Since this is the first time many of you are visiting, I wanted to give you a basic idea of what you'll find here.

I was compelled to create Early Mama for a number of reasons. At the most basic level, it's because I'm a highly ambitious, plan-out-your-life type of girl who accidentally got pregnant on the day I graduated from college. Of course I was in no way prepared, but I was still surprised at the judgement and pity and isolation. I found myself searching for any indication that, despite having a baby at 22 years old, I could have a lasting relationship and a comfortable lifestyle. That I could still live the life I intended, even though I started my family early.

Then when I started writing for Babble.com -- becoming the head product reviewer and a contributing style blogger -- I realized how little I knew when I was pregnant. Since I was the first one of my friends to get pregnant, we weren't talking about sleep training techniques and the best diaper rash creams. I knew squat about strollers or crib design or stylish diaper bags. Now everyone comes to me for product advice, so I figured I'd put it all in one place -- for older moms and child-less friends as well. Because, honestly, who doesn't love an adorable baby romper?

I know most of the parenting sites and blogs are targeted towards 30- and 40-something moms -- and those moms are always welcome here, as well -- but I also know that there are plenty of us in our 20s who are smart, loving, wildly happy mothers. We have unique challenges, sure, but there's no reason to feel doubt, regret or discouragement when it comes to starting a family. We just have that much longer with the children we love.

If you are or were a 20-something first-time-mom with advice to share, encouraging words or suggestions for the site, email me at michelle@earlymama.com. I'd love to hear from you!

Read the "About" page for more about Early Mama, and then read the posts below for a sample of what's to come. Also check out our brand new Facebook page!